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Monday, June 27, 2011

Starting to feel better.
(by guest blogger, Kashy Boy)

Dr. Meow Meow said that there was nothing wrong with my liver.  It's my intestines.  The three things that could be the problem are: 1) parasite, 2) bacterial infection, and/or 3) food allergy.  So, we are gonna try to rule out the first two by putting me on a deworming regimen and some antibiotics.  Mom got them for me on Caturday and I got my first dose that night.  I'm supposed to take each medicine twice a day.  Either Daddy or Momma gives it to me in my mouth via syringe, but Daddy is better at it. When Momma does it, sometimes it gets a little bit on my face.

I'm actually starting to feel better!  I haven't spat up since last Thursday, so it's been four days.  Not that that says anything because sometimes I'll go for a couple weeks without spitting up at all.  But, I truly seem to feel more lively and better after just three doses of the medicines.  I really hope it's not just psychosomatic (I'm a smart kitty so I know what that means).

I will keep everyone posted.  In the meantime, I leave you with this saying:  Every kitty has his day.

Kashy Boy

Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Test
(by guest blogger Kashy Boy)

Thursday was a big day for me. It was my first real test. The last time I blogged, I was just told that my albumin level was very low, and a handsome, young cutie pie like me should not have such low albumin levels (these were my doctor's words, not mine). My doctor asked me to come back for a two hour test to see if it was my liver that was acting up.

We sang duets all the way to and from the vet's. Mom was not amused. While I was taking my test, Skillet was getting her shots at a place down the street. [Skillet: Everyone said I was sweet there. How could they not?]. After Skillet was done, she, Mom, and Dolly waited for mope to finish my test.

Okay, so my test. I had to fast for 12 hours. Then they took blood for a baseline. Then they fed me and drew some more blood to see how my liver was dealing with that food.

That was yesterday morning. This afternoon, my vet called and reported that I passed my test! My liver is ok! So the thing that's wrong with me is my intestines. Maybe parasite or some food allergy. We just don't know. But I'm gonna get a deworming medicine and some antibiotic and we'll see what happens.

Thank you all for the kind thoughts. I will continue to keep you posted. I leave you temporarily with photos of me and Skillet with gifts from Momma. I LOVE plastic the way Mom loves cats. So here I am with a cache of bags that Mom saved up for me.

Skillet, on the other hand, has been breaking in her new throne.

Anyway, we are now two contented cats sacked out on our own pieces of Heaven.

Friday, June 24, 2011


Spring is over and summer has officially begun with the solstice. The Panic-Dogs have been busily preparing for their new hybrid creation (a baby) but before their little one arrives, the land must be tilled and the seeds planted. Soon, there will be a harvest that will bring sugar snap peas and tomatoes to the Nu Warren doorsteps. See here (every flower promises a pea pod).

Unfortunately, aphids have struck the sleepy peaceful beds of the pea pods but Farmer Panic has taken care of them. Hopefully, the pods that were slated for my stomach have not been damaged.

Additionally, strawberries, red, luscious strawberries, were also available for consumption. Just not my consumption. I dropped Cl. Panic off one day and he showed me the strawberry patch that had one red berry and several ripening berries. Did he offer me a berry? Nope. Well, I hope you enjoyed your red strawberries knowing that millions of people are starving out there with no strawberries to eat.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

June Birthdays

Hello, everyone! Just wanted to take this time to say a very special "Happy Birthday!" to my bestest kitty, Sushi Cat. You are the most special soul and I miss you so much. I know that you are up there having fun and making sure there is a comfy cloud for Momma and Daddy when we see you again. I love you very much. Here is a pepperoni pizza for you from Momma, kitty. Don't eat too much because you know you can't handle the spice so well.

Now, for my dear friend, Siddharta's girl. This has been a year of changes and progress. I am so happy that you are pursuing and finding your faith. I hope that you will find peace and happiness because you deserve it. For you, a zen cake...

Last, but not least, I had one of the best birthday celebrations ever. Not only was I taken to lunch, my awesome friends Green Thumbs McGillicutty, Mr. McGillicutty, Cl. Panic, A-Dog, and L. Woods threw an impromptu birthday celebration for me that night at the McGillicutty ranch. Even Mr. Nonny Nu was there! The McGillicuttys cooked delicious burgers on the grill, accompanied by a light orzo salad and homemade, slow cooked Boston baked beans. L. Woods provided yummy drinks to cool everyone down. And the meal ended with the Panic-Dogs' guava cake topped with Green Thumb's scrumptious homemade strawberry ice cream and TWO KINDS OF WHIPPED CREAM provided by L. Woods! These people know me so well.

But the things that touched me the most was the fact that these very busy people who routinely stay late to work had taken the day off early in order to make this impromptu party happen for me, that these people who highly value their precious and relatively scarce time with their families would give up that time to include me, and that a certain person who rarely ventured from the house got himself dressed and ready to go by the time I got home to participate in this celebration. That was the best gift of all and I will always cherish the memories in my heart.

Now, you all know how I normally like to keep my face off of the blog but I will break that rule and show you pics of me and the cake so that you can see my happiness and contentment. That fireball in the foreground is the cake with 36 candles on it.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Has anyone seen my albumin?
(by guest blogger Kashy Boy)

Hello, everyone at the Nu Warren.  Thank you for everyone's well wishes.  As most of you already know from Momma, I have been spitting up a lot.  Not just lately, but ever since I was a small child.  Nobody could figure out what it was.  Momma tried different foods, tried different treats, tried different feeding times, even tried Pepsid AC.  But, I'm still spitting up.  So, I went to the doctor's office two Caturdays ago (I'm still mad at Mom and Dad for putting me in that small box) and they took a blood sample.

When the blood tests came back, the doctor explained that I had very low albumin levels for a boy my age (I'll be 4 in July, but you wouldn't know that because Momma hasn't made the next round of calendars yet).  The problem could be a leaky intestine (the doctor checked me and said I had a thickened intestine) or maybe my liver is not working right.

So, I will have to go back on Thursday for a 2-hour test.  I will not be happy.  But, Momma will be there with me and hopefully Skillet, who has to get her shots.

Anyhow, wish me luck.  I hope we figure out what's going on.

Til next time...

Kashy Boy

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lion's First Gig

Many of you have met and developed a deep devotion to Lion, Kashy's brother.  Here is a recent photo of my two boys hanging out at the Nu Warren on a sunny Saturday afternoon:

Lion also joined us in Georgia where he had the best seat in the car on our roadtrips:

Lion is normally a quiet fellow, making him a wonderful sleeping companion.  On the trip, his heart was broken by Ca Loc who said that he didn't have the air of a lion, that his mane was too short, and that his expression not ferocious enough.

This weighed heavily on Lion's mind.  When he got home from Georgia, he was even quieter than usual.  The Nus thought there was something brewing but we didn't know what.  We asked him gently, because Lion is a gentle spirit, but all he'd say was that he had "a gig lined up."  Then, last week, he disappeared for an entire afternoon.  Well, now we know what happened.  Check out Lion's gig!  Look at that fierce look in Lion's eye!  I know he made Tyra Banks proud.