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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Welcome to the Nu Warren!

Just like the rabbits in Watership Down, the Nus, sensing imminent destruction of their old warren*, set out for a new Nu Residence on the edge of a meadow. There were many happy and many sad memories from the old warren, but it's a new day! We must move on!

So, mirroring the Nu's move to the new Nu Residence, Nonny Nu is moving the TWoNN citizenry to The Nu Warren.** This is a new chapter in the Nus' lives and we would love to share it with you. We also encourage you to share your lives with us. Welcome, friends!

*Now foreclosed on the owner from whom the Nus were renting.
**Wow, did I just refer to myself in the third person?


  1. "we would love to share it with you."

    like a lunch check.

    "We also encourage you to share your lives with us."

    i'm looking for pound notes, loose change, bad checks, anything...

    o/` gimme some muh-nayyy! o/`

  2. Mr. Nonny Nu! You're the first commenter!

    How do you like the new blog? I'm worried that the colors are drab. I was going for tranquil but...

  3. [ON AIR]

    !?! hey! huh? oh, right, sorry...

    uh, yes, that is correct, nonny nu, quite right you are. first indeed, first one out of the box...firstarino. the color! yes, you've done an excellent job! i like how the colors, you know, how they...all...match and stuff. (??? well, what else am i supposed to say! gah.)

  4. Well, what else is a rabbit hole supposed to look like? It has dirt and leaves. That's about it!

  5. can i go home now?

  6. Have you heard of a new species of "funky" rabits who prefer brighter colours, like orange for carrots, and red for berries, and the like?! The colours are so "'torney-like" here. Hey, how's that for 3-fish to be the 1st in the family and NOT the last (as in the past)! Guess SP's gift of a sugar pot with Mr. White Rabit from Alice's works like a charm as a reminder of the peril of "I am late...I am late..."

  7. Say, the scorpion wants to frolic in the green !

  8. Yeah, yeah, yeah all this talk about the new website. What is really important to know -- when is the calendar coming out?

  9. i like the new site especially the pasture full of bunnies Wah Toh

  10. Welcome, 3-Fish, The Scorpion, Coach Nelson, and Wah Toh!!

    I hope you will have a wonderful time in this new place. Regarding the calendar, I'm working on it!

  11. I miss Sushi's pic. Are we going to have a Nonny corner with all the old Nu Friends.

  12. Yeah, I miss the Sush, too. I'll figure something out. There is a "Friends of the Warren" on the right side of the blog. I'll add people as they comment or guest blog!

  13. Yes, we definitely need a pic of Sushi to make the new blog complete. Eagerly awaiting my new calendar, too! Love ya, Nonny!

  14. Hey, ogunsgirl! Long time no see! I am working on the calendar as we speak.