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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy Birthday to Mr. Nonny Nu!

Today was Mr. Nonny Nu's birthday!  So many friends and family wished him a happy birthday--it really made the day special. Not sure what I could get for the bear that his own paws could not obtain, I decided to offer my services in the kitchen.

But, what to cook? Mr. Nonny Nu has long since loved Eggs Benedict. In recent days, he has been foraging in the forest on his own in search of EB with porcine-level enthusiasm for truffles. Alas, no local diner could satisfy Mr. NN's standards. 

Enter The Rabbit.

This morning, we got up early and I tried to make EB for Mr. NN's birthday breakfast. I watched about 10 YouTube "how to" videos the night before, but I still disappointed myself with an F. Okay, maybe a D.  Not only was the English muffin too crunchy (actually hard because I think I let it cool too much before serving), the sauce was not tangy enough and the components were not all hot. But, Mr. NN gamely ate his entire plate, and half of mine.  This was a serious case of "it's the thought that counts."  Now that EB has throw n down the gauntlet, I accept the challenge. I'm trying again tomorrow!  Here's what today's attempt looked like:

Dinner was a different story. I got high marks!  We had broiled salmon (an ursine favorite) with Bearnaise sauce. (The Bearnaise sauce was attempted last week as a dry run for today's birthday dinner so I was actually confident this time.) We also had roasted asparagus in lemon juice and olive oil, potatoes au gratin (okay, this was a box concoction requested by the birthday bear), salad, and French baguette. 
  At the end of the meal, Kashy crashed the party. He was dressed up with his hair slicked back and wearing his usual ascot (name tag on the side instead of in the middle). If you look closely, you can see him starting to go cross-eyed. That's what happens when he is in a feeding frenzy. Skillet did not partake.  She is usually disgusted by human food, even fish. 

Update September 2, 2012 (the morning after):
Improvement!  The English muffin was still on the toasted side, but the sauce was better (slightly too tangy), the egg was just right, and everything was hot.  Check out the B-grade EB: