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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Transformation is COMPLETE

It all started with The Green Machine, my iPod Shuffle.  I was so happy to get it!  I'm still using it to listen to audiobooks when I go running.

Then, I got Paddy, the iPad.  Wow.  I haven't had my own computer since, well, since college (which is a long time ago).

Tonight, Mr. Nonny Nu surprised me with a brand new MacBook Pro!!

My transformation from PC user to Apple user is finally complete.  I love it!

P.S.  I just sent my first email to L. Woods from my MacBook!  I'm still thinking of what to name her.  I know it's a her.  I can feel it!

Monday, July 26, 2010

R.I.P. Polka Dot (2010-2010)

(From left to right: Dunkin'*, Snow White, Polka Dot.)

The above photo was taken by Wah Toh a couple months ago.  Polka Dot met an untimely death on July 21.  Her mom, Wah Toh, and her family are in mourning.  What follows is Wah Toh's account of the incident.  We will miss you, Polka Dot.

*The full name of the doggie pictured is "Dunkin' Donuts."  We call him "Dunkin'" for short.  Many people mistakenly believe that his name is "Duncan."

Dear Family,

We finally located the body of Polka Dot and have retrieved her remains.  It was a sorrowful sight (pics available upon request).  The suspect mutilated her head and wings.  Part of her torso was torn.  In the absence of DNA evidence, all circumstantial evidence points to two possible suspects:  one suspect wears a mask and the other is believed to possess nine lives.  The victim did not have a trespassing habit.  She is very mindful of boundaries.

In order not to have Polka Dot lose her life in vain, we have decided to use her remains as bait to lure the criminal.  If caught, we will be sure to use the criminal's body as a sacrifice on Polka Dot's altar.

We inspected the crime scene and found lots of feathers from both Polka Dot and Creamy Espresso (not pictured).  After giving Creamy Espresso a physical check up, we noticed that she also suffered head and eye injuries.  No other wound was noted.

Please join us in mourning this tragic event.  We will update you as the investigation develops.

Wah Toh

Update: Additional photo of Polka Dot, courtesy of Wah Toh:

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to Kashy Boy!

Dear Kashy, You will forever be my little blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby boy. I know that you like all sorts of crazy foods, including fruits, so here is a watermelon cake for your eating pleasure. I love you! Don't eat too much, you will barf it up and you know who will have to clean the floor... Your mom, nn

Happy Birthday, Cl. Panic!
by MonkeyPig, guest blogger

HappyBirth CI Panic
and Many more tomato

Monday, July 5, 2010

Cl. Panic's Tomato Plants Begin to Panic

Check out Cl. Panic's tomahtoes!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to Ca Loc!!

Happy birthday to Ca Loc! Thank you for all the times you gave me a bath in that yellow vat, and for trying to feed me dinner after Wah Toh took me to eat fishball noodle soup. Here is a pair of jeans to replace the ones that Jean Cutter ruined in Vietnam.