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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Georgia Vacation

Last week, I went to Georgia to visit MonkeyPig. In fact, all five sisters went, even though MonkeyPig was only expecting two sisters! We had an awesome time. Below are some photos of the interesting and memorable moments.

First night's dinner was a special Vietnamese noodle soup that MP had painstakingly prepared. It was delicious.

The next day was full of fun because MP planned a wonderful barbecue at Pointes West Army Resort. We had kalbi, rice with onion oil, bread, and corn. It was a lovely, lazy day. MP, Wah Toh, and I went canoeing but I don't have photos of that.

We also went to Wormsloe Plantation where they filmed the long drive up to Twelve Oaks in Gone With The Wind. We brought MP's two kids with us!

It was a wonderful five days. Added bonus was our brother-in-law, Mr. Wah Toh, was able to join us and served as the official photographer. The above pics are mine. Mr. Wah Toh's pics are way more professional.

In case you all didn't know, MP is an accomplished doctor and officer in the Army. Here are the coins that generals and high officials give out for major accomplishments. As you can see, MP has a lot of them.

After this trip, on behalf of Tai Wui (the board--i.e., the sisters), I bestow upon MP this coin for a job well done: