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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Self-Portrait and Magnets

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

This morning, I rode the rails with Cl. Panic and dribbled tea all over my sweater because my beautiful Jane Austen inspired travel mug sprang a leak.  But all is well because someone at work gave me an enzyme stain remover wipe.  It works ok, but not as good as a Tide Pen.

Anywho, the moral of this story is:  I got a new magnet!!

Whenever I or one of my friends or sisters go on vacation, we bring back refrigerator magnets to share with the people who we left at home.  My very first refrigerator magnet was one from Seattle, but I will tell you how I got that later in this post.  Check out my office minifridge and my magnet collection (you can see a reflection of me taking the photo)!

I can't remember the order in which I received the magnets, but I know that the first one I got was from Green Thumbs McGillicutty.  It was from one day trip she took from San Jose to Seattle just to make the miles to keep her in some sort of airline "best customers" club or something like that.

I also have ones from San Antonio (from when I went to my niece's wedding), another one from Green Thumbs when she went to Philadelphia for a deposition, and another from myself when I went to visit MonkeyPig in Georgia (the little fish pictured was from Cl. Panic for our unfortunate but thankfully temporary stay at Drones 'R Us).

This one is from MonkeyPig when the sisters went to Georgia for a surprise visit.  And, this one is also from MonkeyPig from a few years ago when we had a sisters reunion in Washington, DC.  We ate at the Supreme Court's cafeteria and I saved my ticket stub!  The two Tinkerbell magnets holding the stub are from L. Woods when she visited Disneyworld in Florida.

Now, this one is an international magnet from Heidelberg, Germany, where L. Woods visited on business a year ago.  Note the giant gummy bears attached.

And, then, there is my most recently acquired one from Cl. Panic and A-Dog from when they flew to the Pacific Northwest recently.  It is from the actual Tillamook cheese factory and is 24K gold plated brass.  The magnetic bunnies are from Cl. Panic.  They got very hungry and attacked the cheese (they are not partial to giant gummies).

Finally, this one is not a magnet, but is nonetheless a sentiment from a dear friend who had gone afar and kept me in mind.  It is a keychain of a polar bear dressed in a UK t-shirt from when Mr. Nonny Nu went to London recently.  The bear has the Harrods' "H" stamp on the bottom of its foot.

So many little treasures!  I think my most prized items in my office might be my magnets and keychain.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My First Shave
by Kashy Boy, guest blogger

July has been a month of many firsts. My first time turning 4 years old, and now my first shave. Dr. Meow Meow called me in to see her for an ultrasound and a follow up blood test. There is much good news to report [Skillet: Hissssssss!!!!] (but we still don't know what's wrong with me).

First, I gained half a pound since the last time! I went from 7.9 pounds to 8.4 pounds in just three weeks! That's not bad considering what I'm in for. Second, my albumin is in normal range now so it looks like whatever was leeching it out of me has been flushed out.

Now, for my shave. Dr. Meow Meow shaved my tummy (Don't I look handsome? [Skillet: No, hissss! Oh, that looks like a yummy snaHiiiiiissssssssss!!!!!]) and gave me an ultrasound. My stomach walls are thickened but nobody knows why yet. Good news is there aren't any abnormal growths.

We are trying to figure out what proteins I can handle, so Dr. Meow Meow sent me home with a can of duck and a can of *drum roll please* rabbit.

P.S. There is trouble at home, though. Ever since I got home, Skillet has been hissing at me--and meaning it. Maybe I picked up another creature's scent while I was at the vet's? I don't know. Momma wiped me down twice today but Skillet still hisses. I hope she loves me again soon because I need some loving. I've been through a lot.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Happy Birthday to Cl. Panic and Kashy Boy!

Happy happy, joy joy!! Two special birthday boys today!

For Cl. Panic, a strawberry cake, because I know he must really love strawberries to not share any with me:

As for Kashy Boy, to celebrate a healthier you, a ferocious cat cake: