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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pea Tasting

Wow, doesn't the title sound disgusting??  But, it was really such a wonderful experience.  Back in January, Cl. Panic gave me two pea plants.  Each of them yielded two peas.  One of the four peas grew very slowly and the other three peas just could not wait any longer to be eaten, so I invited Cl. Panic, Green Thumbs McGillicutty, and L. Woods for a pea tasting here at work.

As you can see, the pea pods were a pretty good size and the peas themselves were gigantic.  The problem was, there were four of us and only three of them.  So, Cl. Panic and I shared one.

The peas were delicious!  I'm glad that the original plan of bringing them to be cooked and eaten at hot pot was nixed.  We tasted these peas in their freshest, just-picked glory.  It was spectacular.

As an aside, I anticipated that, even with four pea pods, it would still be a pretty meager food offering for four grown people, let alone the actual situation where people outnumbered pods.  So, I brought some baby carrots and ranch dip to accompany the peas.  But, it was still slim pickings after that.  The whole situation where we had to slice one of the peas in half was totally hilarious because it reminded me of those old WB cartoons where they showed very poor families slicing a loaf of bread so thin that the bread slice would float down to the plate!


  1. This can't be right -- NN sharing food. Usually NN shares food by people sneaking in her cubboard and stealing it. What the heck is going on? Mr. NN be afraid -- be VERY afraid. If this uncharacteristic behavior continues, I would recommend calling 9-1-1.

  2. I have grown just like the peas, Coach!

  3. "NN shares food by people sneaking in her cubboard and stealing it."

    see, nn, it's good that you hear this from other people, instead of only me.

  4. But Coach Nelson is crazy. Everyone knows that.

  5. Talk about peas. I went out with a bunch of gaui-lows for Japanese food. We ordered the sweat peas. I was commenting that fact that the restaurant is ripping us off as most of the peas that I put in my mouth had just pods and no pea. It turns out, one of my Gaui-low friend was putting the previously de-pea'd pods back into the bowl. That was gross. But, the sushi was good and we had a lot of laugh.
    Good website.

  6. Hey, what about T-shirts instead of calendar. I bet we'd be the only one walking around with Nonnynu t-shirt. We can have t Nu-Shirt day when all the Nu members wear it. I bet we can all chip in cheap for the Nu-shirt. Just like Earth Day ... Nu Day.

  7. i like the t shirt idea wah toh

  8. oh sharing half of a pea. how cute. how pathetic :-) wah toh

  9. MonkeyPig, omg, that was so gross!!! I hope he de-pea'd with his fingers. OH, THE HORROR...!!

    Regarding T-shirts...I have a prototype shirt. I've been testing it. I think I'll make one for birthdays but I don't know yet! Shirts are way more expensive than calendars, and I want to give shirts as gifts. So I'll probably do birthday shirts/suits!

  10. you mean your harvest is 4 peas? wow! that is not bad from your office window gardennn. so ba sing

  11. Welcome, so ba sing! I was really surprised at the harvest. I didn't even expect to get one, really!