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Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Birthday to Sushi Cat and Siddharta's Girl!

To two very good friends...

First, to my sweet Sushi.  Remember when you used to eat broccoli off my plate?  You are such a weirdo.  A loving and fluffy weirdo.  I miss you.  We will be on the same cloud one day!  Here is some broccoli cake for your birthday.  Don't eat it all in one sitting!

And, Siddharta's Girl!  My dear friend!  Though I have never met you in person, we have always related in a way that no two other people could.  I'm very thankful for the Internet because it has brought so many great people into my life, including you.  I hope you have wonderful birthday with your two kiddos and that special someone.  For you, a Japanese rock garden cake!