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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Update Woo and Baysee

Didn't have enough bites for Woo's recent pic. Here she is...older with more white hair. But still the queen of the house. Though, I noticed that she's starting to fall a bit more on the slippery tile in the kitchen. But, she still loves to walk and explore when we do our run. Baysee still has his incredible big floppy ears. I swear he's Dumbo reincarnation.

Winter Solstice Eclipse

Just wanted to share with you all the eclipse that occurred 21 Dec 2010 - winter solstice. It was worth the wait.
It was a cold winter night. I had a trusty little friend by my side. It was too cold for him to be there for the entire solstice. To keep me company and safe, he would come out by my side for a few minutes, then go back into the house to watch me through the doggie door.
Looking at that big sorry eyes, how can anyone be mad at him for stealing part of the BD cake. I did give him a treat.
Woo's doing great. She's too smart to brave the cold winter night during the eclipse. She had her own eclipse in her dream.

THANKS FELLOW Nu-ans and Nu-ettes

Thanks fellow Nonnies for the birthday blessings.

I had a great birthday weekend!!

Was not on-call (not deliberate. Just happened that way.). It had been a long 3 weeks since I came back from New Year's break. Straight through without a day off and working till the wee hours of the morn. In 2 wks, delivered about 12 babies, to include 2 sets of twins. But, Friday was great. Got off by 6 pm. Had lousy Vietnamese Bun Bo Hue. Bought a mini BD cake with butter cream frosting.

Saturday was great! Jogged in the morning. Breakfast in a leisurely manner. Went to the park for another stroll with the kids and talked to my friends on the phone. Had more Vietnamese food. This time was better - Pho. Went to a play -- "Rabbit's Hole". It was a waste of 20 bucks. The actors weren't bad. Just not what I expected. Too serious. About a couples' dealing with the death of their 4 years old son. Went home and watched a great Sherlock Holmes movie from the BBC.

Woke up around 9 this morning by Baysee. Cute little guy. But, he did not earn too much kudos from me when he stole 1/2 the birth day cake. As you can see, it was a great bachelorette version of breakfast in bed -- surfing the net while watching TV and eating breakfast.

The kids were really interested in whatever left over of the mini BD cake. But, it was such a small portion that I had to break out the left over fruit cake from X-mas. Needless to say, Baysee did not get a morsel. But, Woo did.

Thanks again for such a great birthday!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, MonkeyPig!

To our dearest half-Monkey half-Pig creature,

Happy Birthday!  May the next 43 years be as stinky and full of laughter as the first 43.  I hope you like this cake with the monkey and pig.  I baked all day just so you can have a cake to look at for your special day.  Now, I must return to my singing of "Tomorrow" in front of the television.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ticket to Ride

Good morning, little boys and girls!  I am here to tell you about a new and exciting routine.

I ride the train to work every first Thursday of the month.

Cl. Panic has been chaperoning.  It's really fun!  But I have to leave really early in the morning to catch the 7am train.  So, I take the train to a station that's near the office.  Then I take a city bus up to the office for $2.  The roundtrip train ticket costs $9 and the parking at the train station near home costs $3.  So, I can ride the rails for $16 each month!  (But I so far haven't had to pay full price yet because Cl. Panic has subsidized my train travel each time.)

There are many celebrities on the train.  For example, there's "The Elf," a petite lady who dons a forest green coat and matching brimmed hat each morning and can be seen walking to the train station (and sitting on the train).  I said hi to her once and she looked a little startled to be noticed!  Cl. Panic says that The Elf isn't aware of her own celebrity status.

There's also a "bike car."  This is the controversial underbelly of Cal-Train.  It is the northern most car of the train.  There, bikes are chained like slaves to the wall of the bike car.  (Just like the rowing scene in Ben Hur.)

I really enjoy the ride.  People are friendly and there is a real community spirit on the train.  Plus, Cl. Panic shares his free train tickets and free bus ride perks with me.  I actually got a free bus ride to the office this morning.  (He's an avowed refugee at heart.)