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Friday, April 9, 2010

Look what I'm wearing to work today!

I received a wonderful gift this past week--a beautiful turtle shell necklace!  My father-in-law (The Scorpion) sent it to me.  It belonged to his mom.  Back in the early 1960s, The Scorpion's mom and dad went to visit the Grand Canyon.  They came back with a beautiful necklace handmade by Native Americans out of silver and turtle shells.  I didn't know that turtle shells had so many colors!

The necklace is composed of roadrunners, the New Mexico state bird (but The Scorpion and Mr. Nonny Nu are sons of Arizona).  My favorite one is the purple roadrunner, and my second favorite is the white with brown streak (upper right hand corner).  But, of course, I love the many other colors, too.  Here are some additional pics with a different colored background (here and here and here).

Thanks, Scorpion!


  1. Thanks Scorpion for being so nice to my sis. She is the most spoiled in the family and not that loveable some time :-( An insider tip - beware when she stares at the rice bowl.....cuz that means trouble is coming your way. ha ha
    Wah Toh

  2. Ooooh, can't wait to see it in person!

  3. Wah Toh, I can't believe you're saying these lies about me! When are we having fishball noodle soup again?

  4. Cl. Panic, your first appearance! You're now part of the Friends of the Warren list, and I'll insert your name into the "Pea Tasting" post. Welcome!

  5. let those sons'a bitch'n new mexicans have their filthy stinking roadrunner. geococcyx californianus--does that sound like a new mexican bird? i don't think so!

    all hail the cactus wren! it's a cute, outgoing little wren that enjoys hanging out in cacti. (actually, it builds many nests but resides in only one, as the rest are decoys.) it rarely drinks water, not even if it has direct access to it, because it gets almost all of its water from what it eats (e.g., ants, beetles, grasshoppers).

    do you know the california state bird? it's not the condor, nope. it's the california valley quail. do you know the nevada state bird? it's the beautiful mountain bluebird. do you know that i just looked all this up in wikipedia? you should.

    come to think of it, i shouldn't be so hard on the filthy little roadrunner. after all, it's really the only predator of the tarantula hawk wasp. come on, let's see what wiki says about the tarantula hawk wasp...

    The tarantula hawk is a species of spider wasp which hunts tarantulas as food for its larvae.

    Up to two inches (50 mm) long with a blue-black body and bright rust-colored wings, tarantula hawks are among the largest of wasps. The coloring on their wings warns potential predators that they are dangerous. Their long legs have hooked claws for grappling with their victims. The stinger of a female tarantula hawk can be up to 1/3 inch (7 mm) long, and delivers a sting which is rated among the most painful in the insect world.

    The sting is among the most painful of any insect, but the intense pain only lasts for about 3 minutes. Commenting on his own experience, one researcher described the pain as "…immediate, excruciating pain that simply shuts down one's ability to do anything, except, perhaps, scream. Mental discipline simply does not work in these situations." In terms of scale, the wasp's sting is rated near the top of the Schmidt Sting Pain Index, second only to that of the bullet ant and is described by Schmidt as "blinding, fierce [and] shockingly electric".
    [end wiki]

    well, i'd say the little roadrunner has earned its keep after all.


  6. I'm glad you have finally approved of the roadrunner, Mr. NN. Everyone else who has seen the necklace also approve!

  7. Wow. I never knew tarantula hawks to be a possible danger to humans. Used to see them all the time. I'll need to work this into a nickname for someone.

  8. Nonny Nu, since I'm out of the DUNGEON and am NO LONGER FEAR YOUR STARE....We can have fish ball noodle, 1 piece of TO FU KAN, ??? drops of chilli sauce...... any time. It is always my pleasure even when your stare brought me grieve. Love you, Wah Toh

  9. OMG, reading this in the morning makes me SO HUNGRY. I with we have Uncle Ball's fishball noodle soup here... That had to be the best one. Can we have that next time I go to your house?