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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dear Nonny Vol. I

From time to time, I will post the answers to some reader questions. Today, I received an urgent inquiry:

Dear Nonny,

Last week, I was hired at the law firm of Drones 'R Us, the firm that Nu, Nu, & Nu, LLP merged with last year. I like it here well enough but I know that my days are numbered. Employees like me only last a week or so, but that is to be expected--I am brought in to do a very specific job and once my contract expires, I am literally removed from the office with a quickness.

One of the things I have gotten used to is the twice- or thrice-daily visits I get from you and another permanent employee named L. Woods. I heard from my predecessors that you two ladies also visited often while they worked there. But, lately, I haven't heard or seen L. Woods at all. She hasn't called or emailed or sent any form of a message to me (I am always at my desk). Do you know what happened? Was it something I said?

The Temp

Dear The Temp,

No, it wasn't anything you said. L. Woods is just out of the office taking and defending a couple of depositions. She'll be back next week, but your contract expires tomorrow. I'll let her know that you said hello and goodbye, though. See you in a few...



  1. So rare that one can use "_____ 'R Us" these days.

  2. It's also pretty rare to receive inquiries for advice from dairy products but nothing is impossible here at TNW.

  3. You people scare me.

  4. What did I do?!?

  5. L. Woods, you don't have to worry about Cl. Panic's comment--he uses 2% milk for his coffee!