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Friday, October 15, 2010

Dunkin Herds Chickens

Wow!  Look at this talented doggie!  This is Dunkin herding Wah Toh's chickens back into their coop.  Just like Babe the Pig.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Missing Kitty

This week, I've been very down.  It's the Darkest Week of the Year.  I hope that my little Sushi cat is happy playing in Pet Paradise.  It's just not the same without her.

I remember meeting her for the first time.  It was love at first sight.  I loved to bury my face in her striped coat.  She always smelled dusty.  Sushi wasn't into cleaning.  What a stinky cat!  But, she would smile all the time.  Her face was two eyes, a pink nose, and two white puffs to the left and right with whiskers sticking out.  She loved us and we loved her.

Sushi was with me through some really dark times.  She was always by my side.  Always loving me and encouraging me.  I was never alone.  I feel horrible for working so much during her last days.  I wish I had more time with her.  I hope to see her in Heaven.  Maybe we can share a cloud.  That would make me extremely happy.

Sushi's the first person I truly, deeply cared about whom I've lost.  I'd never really experienced loss before. I'm a naturally sanguine person, but in my relationships now, there's always a melancholy shadow reminding me that things never last.

Here's Sushi's tribute video again, to the music of The Beatles.  I still can't listen to Here Comes the Sun when it comes on on the radio.

Okay, I must go back into denial.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Mr. Nonny Nu Experience

One day, I came home to discover three very comfy house shoes.  Out of the three, I chose one (pictured at right).  This is the story of how that pair of house shoes came to be my pair of house shoes.

I'd been wearing flip flops around the house but they were too noisy with the flipping and the flopping.  I thought, "Soon, it will be fall and then winter, and then what are my rabbit feet going to do but feel cold, being exposed and everything?"

So, I said to Mr. Nonny Nu, "Bobees, can you find me a pair of house shoes?"

A week later, the three pairs of shoes arrived for my selection and I chose this pair.  That is the Mr. Nonny Nu Experience.  Ask and you shall receive (three pairs for your selection).

My favorite thing about my house shoes is that there's a picture of Mr. Nonny Nu on them.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Well-Travelled Carbs

Drones 'R Us is an international firm.  One day, we will become an inter-galactic firm but don't be too surprised if we become an inter-dimensional firm first.  (Like when we roll back the pay scale to 1980s level.)  Anywhooooo...

One of the nice things about DRU is that we get to send packages to our other offices via pouches for free.  It's not really free because the firm pays for it, but it's free in the sense that, if I need to send something to someone in our Mars office, I just stick it in a pouch, write their name on it, and off it goes to Mars.  We also have pouches that go between the different desks within a single office.  For example, I have been known to send highly confidential, attorneys' eyes only documents (e.g., US Weekly magazines) to Green Thumbs McGillicutty, who sits two floors above me.

Every Monday morning, DRU feeds us bagels, donuts, yogurt, and other breakfasty items.  Even though our office has shrunk drastically since we first merged, we are still regaled with a mountain of food on Monday mornings.  The leftovers are stuffed into the refrigerator and people are free to have them throughout the week.  (Some people like cold donuts, but I won't say who.)

A couple weeks ago, I found out that our London DRU office does not get fed breakfast on Mondays.  We have always known that the offices are treated differently.  The Mothership always gets the best stuff.*  But one thing I did like about the London DRU office is that they get monthly birthday cake to celebrate each month's birthday girls and boys.  We used to have that at Nu, Nu, & Nu LLP before we merged.  Those were the days.

Oh, one thing I forgot to say is that we also get some nifty (but rare) training opportunities.  Back in January, we had a mock trial workshop in DC where associates from all over the DRUniverse went to learn about opening/closing statements and direct and cross examining witnesses.  It was a great training, but we also got a chance to meet associates from other offices.  We made friends with one associate from the London office, which is how we now know that London DRU doesn't get fed on Monday mornings.

So.  What to do, what to do??  The only thing to do, OF COURSE, is to pouch a bagel and donut to Our Friend in London!  And, that's exactly what we did this Monday.  The mailroom guy was grilled as to inter-Milky Way pouching procedures.  The following was discovered:
1)  there's no refrigeration on the plane;
2)  the pouches are declared in one fell swoop as "legal documents" to customs; and
3)  it would probably take two days to get to London from here.

Not wanting to cause an inter-solar system incident, the donut was put in its own small ziplock, and then put along with the bagel into a larger ziplock.  This larger ziplock was placed into yet another larger ziplock, and this United Nation of Ziplocks (along with a note) was put into a pouch labeled "LONDON."

We waited on pins and needles for "the package" to clear customs.  We didn't hear from it for TWO DAYS!!  Finally, today, we heard from Our Friend in London--the package had arrived safely.  The donut was eaten with coffee.  [OFL: "It was good.  A little stale but I've eaten worse.  :)"]  The bagel was saved for tomorrow's breakfast.

Goodbye, donut!!  Don't do anything I wouldn't do!

*I'm sure one of my sisters will pipe up and tell you how I used to get all sorts of stuff and they didn't.  And, they'd be telling the truth!