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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Indian Giver of British Products

Less than three months ago, I was in London.  It feels like it has been ages since then, though.  I had so much fun.  I am working on a small, informational publication on the subject of London to be delivered, hopefully, as Christmas presents to my Friends.

On that trip, I met up with an old friend from yesteryear--Old Chap.  Back in the day, Old Chap, Cl. Panic, Green Thumbs McGillicutty, L. Woods, and I all worked in the same law firm.  Old Chap was in the London office.  One wintry day, we all flew to Washington, D.C., to participate in some training, and that's where we all met each other.  We have kept in touch since then!  It was one of only a handful of good things that came out of working in that firm.

Naturally, when I finally made my way to London, I called up Old Chap and off we went to have wonderful Pakistani food.  We went to Tayyabs.  O.  M.  G.  This was so good.  But Old Chap's food tips didn't end there.  He also directed me to Fortnum & Mason, described by Old Chap as "the quintessential supplier of English goodies."  Boy, he was not kidding.

On my last full day in London, I paid a visit to Fortnum & Mason and bought so many biscuits (cookies), teas, and jellies.  Most were slated for gifts to friends and family.  But I learned a valuable lesson:  Send food gifts as soon as possible because, the longer you hold on to them, the more likely they will end up in your own stomach.  There were two jellies (a hunter's marmalade and a rose jelly) that were slated for MonkeyPig and 3-Fish, respectively.  Those did not survive long enough in the US to reach their intended destinations.  So, I ordered replacements (plus other things) online.  I kept the dark lime jelly (detailed description).

Dutifully, I sent the goodies to their intended recipients.  In advance of their arrival, I tell 3-Fish that I'm sending her a rose jelly.  Well, guess who's too good for rose jellies and breakfast in general?  So, I tell 3-Fish to send the rose jelly back if she's not going to eat it because I would eat it.  The rose jelly was delivered back to my house yesterday.  What's wrong with this picture?  Yep, Mr. Nonny Nu had to pay the postman $1.55 because *somebody* didn't pay the full postage.  But here is the treasure trove, complete with polar bear greeting card to Mr. Nonny Nu conveying a hateful but accurate complaint about a most beloved rabbit:


  1. ok.

    nonny nu, stop being an indian giver, sri lankans are jealous.

  2. Yah yah yah...just heap it on and blame all on the dumb fish. She won't mind anyway, just another one of those UNJUST blames!!!!!

  3. Sorry, I'm busy applying for H1B visa today. No time to chat.

  4. hello, thank you for the tea and tea cup. I tried the tea and like it very much, however, the tea cup I don't dare to use it yet. After you told me it actually is the official court local/seal. I think I will just use it as a display... Thank you very much.

    1. You are very welcome, Ca Loc! You should use the teacup. If you ruin it, I will get you a new one. I broke mine so I want to go back and get another one for me anyway!

  5. When you next order you might consider:
    Golden Crunch cookies - (my mother's favorite); and
    Tayberry jam - (not available online so you'll have to come back to London)

    Old Chap

    1. I just realized that Old Chap responded!!! Welcome, Old Chap! You are on the Friends list now.