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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Birthday, The Scorpion!!

The Scorpion, where are you? Speeding through the desert dunes? Hanging out with your fellow insect friends down in Meh Hee Koh? Well, wherever you are, you aren't at the Nu residence and that means that there's a rabbit and a bear who miss you very much. But here's a cake for you. Freshly baked!

Happy Birthday!

Homemade McGillicutty S'mores
by Cl. Panic, guest food critic

The pitter-patter of raindrops served as the perfect soundtrack for a batch of gourmet s'mores.

Gourmet because they were prepared under the broiler of a sleek stainless steel KitchenAid instead of a roaring campfire. And because these were no ordinary pick-up-the-pieces-at-Safeway s'mores.

At our annual gift exchange, GTMcG presented us with her homemade s'mores kits.

That's right, an IKEA jar filled with made from scratch marshmallows (chocolate and creme brulee flavored), an assortment of gourmet IKEA chocolates (dark, milk, and hazelnut), and a bag of homemade graham crackers. Although the kit didn't include instructions, we were able to figure it out.

After a few minutes ... success! A perfect holiday treat. And a chance to play with the new camera. Mowielicious, you better watch out (for GTMcG, that is)!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, 3-Fish!

For 3-Fish, I give you a cake with six fishes, three church going fishes and three fish who don't go to church.  May your days be filled with clear water and fish food!


Monday, December 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, Coach Nelson!

Well, well, well...

Coach Nelson has graced the Earth with her presence for yet ANOTHER year.  How thoughtful.  Coach, I'm sorry I can't be there to personally wish you a happy birthday, but I hope you will have a wonderful day and continue to have a wonderful life!  Here's a tequila-shaped cake for you, seeing as how you are "with cashew" at the moment.



Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010

NN You can't handle the truth and don't twist the truth. Even if you are 7.5 years younger, you could at least prepare warm tea for us. Guess Annie and Daddy Warbuck was more important. The roof could've cave over but "2moro, you're always, a chore away....".

What also was never mention was the fact that NN eats very slowly. Yes, she "helped" clean up. But by the time she finished her food, we've done most of the clean up. NN also picked the easiest task - washing the dishes. Who picked up the dog poop, who threw out the trash (in the hot southern california summer, there's also a chorus in the trash performed by the larvea), who mowed the lawn, etc... Come to think of it, NN probably washed no more than 10 bowls in her life time in the Thai house hold. Remember the times we have to rent a snake to unclog the drain because your long hair keeps on clogging the drain and the time you f;ushed something you shouldn't flush down the girl's toilet.

NN exemplifies the Chinese saying: sic si awe fian, dai sic lian (big eat lazy), and lian jimg.

CI Panic, I feel sorry for you guys. But we had to dump her somewhere.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I am here to expose a lie.
by MonkyPig, guest blogger

I am here to expose a lie. Nonny Nu never help prepare food and clean up. All she do is sit infront of the TV singing tomorrow...tomorrow...I love you...whatever that Anne song is.