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Monday, May 31, 2010


by MonkeyPig, guest blogger

Hi Fellow Nuers

Happy Memorial Day 210. Remember all those who sacrifice for our Freedom.

On the subject of chicken - remember the millions of Snow White and Daisies supporting our celebrations every holiday. Hooray for steroid, antibiotics, feed lots... the ribs were great.

Went to South of Savannah this weekend. KOA (Kamp of America) is great. It allowed wannabe-outbackers like myself indulge in the "wild" with all the amenities of modernity. Its great to be surfing the net while the mosquitos are feasting on your toes and the birds are using your head as their toilet.

Woo and Bays had a good time. Skidaway island is a great place to spend the day hiking. There are millions of Fiddler crabs on the damp marshes. They are small crabs with one large claw and one small claw.

Remember that sci-fi movie about the Army ants that were invading the Texas town. Man, it gave me the goose bumps seeing millions of moving dots across the marsh.

Bays was busy going into the swamp. I was surprise to see him swim. I thought that wimp would not know how to swim. (Didn't have pic of time).

Woo enjoyed some walking. But she spent the majority of the hike on her thrown.

You peasant, kneel!!!!

"Good boy..Now, bring me my bone and then off with her head after she feeds us dinner."

Evening at the camp.

On saturday night, it was dark and I was ready to watch my DVD on the lawn chair. I heard some skuffle. Lo and behold, the Queen claimed the throne. I almost died laughing. I ended up sitting on the floor to watch my movie.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fowl Play

by Cl. Panic, TWONNCOTY

For a while now, we've entertained an occasional visitor from down the street. I think I first spotted our friend crossing the road about a year ago. I initially took her sighting as a sign that I should just get back in bed and not go to work. After all, what's with an urban chicken crossing the road? She disappeared for a while (we suspected the local restaurant), but turned up again. And lately she's taken to lounging in our bushes and driveways. A-dog is convinced that she's just being fattened up for her slaughter, but I like to think she's an egg layer and soil tiller.

Anyhow, this morning on the way to work we found two ducks roaming down our alley. Ducks? Really? We've yet to determine where they came from. They are definitely new since they're still a bit skittish (and did not agree to a photograph like our friendly chicken).

I think that GTMcG may be onto something with her new business plan.

Oh, we are accepting submissions for names for our new friends. I have been informed that Tikkamasala is "inappropriate."

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Cl. Panic has started a trend. I am also imprisoning tomato plants! Courtesy of Green Thumbs McGillicutty, these plants were arrested and jailed at her home. After conviction, they were transferred to the world's most tranquil, welcoming, and comfy prison, located at The Nu Warren. Sure, the Nus tell the plants that the beehive shaped cages handcrafted from chicken wire are to protect them from the vicious squirrels, but we all know that these killer tomato plants have a very high recidivism rate for tomato production. Hopefully, they will put their time in prison to good use (the Nus offer workshops to teach prisoners a trade, like cream whipping or flower eating).

Homemade Whipped Cream

Check out these strawberries that I bought at a local fruit stand! They are humungous, as big as a rabbit's paw.

We couldn't bear to put Redi-Whip on these babies, even though I normally love Redi-Whip. So I got some heavy whipping cream, sugar, and vanilla and Mr. Nonny Nu whipped it into a bowl of delicious, mouth watering homemade whipped cream. Here's a close up.


We have developed the new practice at the Warren--having fresh flowers each week! It really livens up the place. This is our third week. The first week was an assortment. The second week it was cream and purple roses. This week it's starfighter lilies. See, aren't they nice? Yesterday morning, Mr. Nonny Nu discovered that something was amiss. The victim was interviewed. Further investigation led to the apprehension of the thief (note that the mug shots clearly show remnants of the orange pollen along the thief's lip and neck).

Monday, May 17, 2010

What's growing in Cl. Panic's Garden?
Cl. Panic, guest blogger, TWONCOTY

Spring brings a lot to the table. While there is a growing air of discontent at the office (not Spring's fault), other thing are growing too! Local Nu Warren friends had a chance to experience the invasion of the Sugar Snap Peas. The Panics spent a little time tending to the garden a few weeks ago (I tilled the soil; A-Dog brought me a cold beer).

Anyhow, the new crop has been planted. Thanks to GTMcG, we have 4 refugee tomato plants. We're growing two Al Kufas (an organic heirloom breed from Iraq), 1 labeled as Pink (though I believe there's no relation), and 1 Turkish Striped Monastery (only recently introduced to the States). We've caged the Pink and Turks since they seem to be troublemakers, but have left the Al Kufas free since they (according to my sources) are supposed to be smaller and less likely to need cages to feel at home.

We've also planted creeping rosemary and strawberries! I'm pretty excited that they've already started to put out. Look how embarrassed the first one is...

The lime and lemon trees are in full flower, with some baby fruits just beginning to form. With any luck, they will soon find themselves in mojitos, margaritas and assorted summer drinks.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dear Nonny Vol. I

From time to time, I will post the answers to some reader questions. Today, I received an urgent inquiry:

Dear Nonny,

Last week, I was hired at the law firm of Drones 'R Us, the firm that Nu, Nu, & Nu, LLP merged with last year. I like it here well enough but I know that my days are numbered. Employees like me only last a week or so, but that is to be expected--I am brought in to do a very specific job and once my contract expires, I am literally removed from the office with a quickness.

One of the things I have gotten used to is the twice- or thrice-daily visits I get from you and another permanent employee named L. Woods. I heard from my predecessors that you two ladies also visited often while they worked there. But, lately, I haven't heard or seen L. Woods at all. She hasn't called or emailed or sent any form of a message to me (I am always at my desk). Do you know what happened? Was it something I said?

The Temp

Dear The Temp,

No, it wasn't anything you said. L. Woods is just out of the office taking and defending a couple of depositions. She'll be back next week, but your contract expires tomorrow. I'll let her know that you said hello and goodbye, though. See you in a few...


Friday, May 7, 2010

Final Harvest

This is Cl. Panic's final harvest of peas. They were so scrumptious!

So long, little sugar snap peas! xoxoxo

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Rabbit Salt and Pepper Mills

About a week ago, I got a very neat surprise in the mail. MonkeyPig sent me these rabbit-shaped salt and pepper mills. Super, super cute! You grab the rabbits by their ears* and you squeeze the ears together to grind the pepper and salt. They work really well! As you can see, the pepper is almost gone. Since getting the salt and pepper rabbits (ha! Sounds just like salt and pepper shrimp except it's salt and pepper rabbit in this case--"tsieu yeem toh"), we've cooked more than normal. We've used the rabbits in preparing steaks, spaghetti, burgers, and eggs.

Thanks, MonkeyPig!

*note: You should never grab a real bunny by its ears.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Look what I can do now!!

My last attempt at posting was a bit of a failure. I was trying to post a picture like I normally would. But the problem was the link that I posted was to my entire album instead of just the picture. Not that I mind you all looking at my albums but that's just not the look and feel that I like. Cl. Panic suggested last night that I email the photos into the blog and then draft the posts after that. It worked!!

I have to do the old style blogging (being mindful of the actual coding) but it works!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Look what I can do!!

I got an iPad because I don't have my own computer at home. I'm blogging from it right now!

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