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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Halloween Adventure, Day 2

Chinese idiom of the day: 讀屎片
Transliteration: study diapers
Phonetic: duk6 si2 pin3
Meaning: refers to a person who studies but remains ignorant or stupid

Today, MonkeyPig went to the first day of her medical conference.  However, every time I texted her asking what she was doing, she'd respond with one of two answers:

1.  "Eating."
2.  "Pooping."

Never "studying" or "listening to lecture."  Never.  All I ever heard about was the egg custards, the BBQ pork buns, ...and their aftermath.

Since MP is obviously a talented doctor, there is no way that the idiom, "讀屎片," could apply to her.   So, for the first time in Idiom of the Day history, I'm going to modify the idiom to my needs.  The new idiom is going to be:

Chinese idiom of the day: 讀蛋撻
Transliteration: study egg tarts
Phonetic: duk6 daan3 taat3
Meaning: refers to a person who is supposed to be studying a serious subject but is instead enjoying life.

But something really nice happened as a result of this--I was the beneficiary of the first of several days of breakfast pastries!